sambodini217 asked:

Are there any kittens that are into cars? Bikes? Etc? Or anyone that has got out of the military and started going to school for these things? I'm getting medically retiredo soon and had a few questions. Thank you!

Heather is out of the military and loves anything outdoors and works on her own car. She’s damn good with a gun too. Violet is out of the military now. Honey and Sunflower like bikes and im thinking so does smooch

armyjedi asked:

Not a question, just a general statement from a gunslinger. Thank you ladies for taking time out of your lives to show some love to a bunch of rowdy guys in bad places. I don't care if you are in full sweats or completely nude, you take an action to bring a smile to someone who probably needs it and that is more than most people will ever do. Do what you can when you can, take a knee when you need to or when life gets in the way, and know that you are appreciated. Sending love back to you - AJ

I loved this message. Thank you so much!